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"he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free."  
luke 4:18

When Jesus transforms your life, love for Him compels you to care for the things He cares about.  He came to set the captives free, to bind up the broken hearted, to bring justice to the oppressed.   He met physical and spiritual needs during His time on earth.  Below are organizations, missionaries, and churches that are the hands and feed of Jesus to their local communities and beyond.   We support these groups through either monthly donations, special programs or member designations throughout the year.  Find out more below about how your generosity is bringing hope to our community, our nation and across the world.

groups we support

reaching our community

valley pregnancy center

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The Valley Pregnancy Center started in 1988 as a way to offer a safe and caring place where women facing an unplanned, unexpected or crisis pregnancy could find confidential information about all of the options available to her.  Their goal was then and remains today to empower women, to help them understand they are not alone and need not feel rushed in making a decision. Her decision is not for others, but needs to reflect what she truly believes is best for her.

Since 1990, they have offered Post Abortion recovery services for women adversely affected by an abortion. In 2004, they became a fully licensed medical clinic offering limited pregnancy-related services in addition to our on-going client care and resources.

Their many years of experience allow them the perspective to recognize the uniqueness of each situation and the need for a safe and caring environment for women to hear themselves think without outside pressures.

pleasanton, ca

safe harbor homes

Bill and Lynette Mathews pastored Oak Park Christian Center in Pleasant Hill California for 42 years.  While pastoring, they became aware of the challenges of people with special needs though their son, Kevin now 33 years old.  Kevin does not hear, talk and can't walk without assistance.  They stepped away from pastoring in June of 2015 to begin Safe Harbor Homes & Services, a California non-profit organization.  Safe Harbor Homes & Services is an approved Assemblies of God US Home Missions project.  With Christ's help, they are now seeking to meet one of the great needs of adults with special needs: Christ centered homes in a loving, caring environment.  Their goal is to provide extraordinary care, for extraordinary people, in extraordinary homes.  They plan to open the first home soon, the home is located in Kingsburg, California.

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Bill & Lynette Mathews   |    Pleasant hill, ca

freedom house

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Freedom House is a Bay Area organization with a mission to bring hope, restoration, and a new life to survivors of human-trafficking by providing a safe home and long-term aftercare. Freedom House works closely with law enforcement and community partners to identify survivors of human trafficking, and to provide them with the care and services they need to rebuild their lives. Through their innovative model, Freedom House is breaking the cycle of exploitation and creating new futures for survivors.

san francisco bay area

morning star

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Morning Star Outreach helps middle school youth living in abuse, neglect and poverty from the San Francisco Bay Area learn how to reshape their lives into something more promising.  MSO camps are held in summer and provided to at-risk youth ages 11 to 13 at no charge. The Camp is located near Bear Valley and goes for six days per camp.

MSO was established in 1978 by concerned business and professionals who saw the need to reach a special segment of our society: middle school age youth from inner-city Bay Area environments.  Many of these pre-teens are living in environments of abuse, neglect and poverty. Through a variety of free programs, these teens are given help and shown that there is a way out of their circumstances and they do indeed have a future and hope.

Morning Star is one of the oldest affiliated ministries of The Rock, and in addition to finanical support, many of our members have acted as counselors and cooks at the camps over the years.

san francisco bay area

reaching our nation

The reid family

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Jeff and Bethany Reid (Elijah17, Carter 10, Uriah 6 and Harvest Joy 1yr) serve with Youth With A Mission ( YWAM) at their main missions training campus in Kona, Hawaii. Now heading into their 15th year in missions, they staff with the training department, training both YWAM Staff and Students through a variety of programs and avenues.  Discipleship Training Schools are the foundational missions training program for all prospective staff of YWAM, and many students attend simply to receive six-months of training before returning to home, university, or the workplace.  The Kona U of N campus graduates over 1,200 DTS students annually.  Bethany is currently co-leading the April Fire & Fragrance DTS. 

Together Jeff and Bethany serve with the YWAM Fire & Fragrance community—a growing family of ministries—full of joy, completely surrendered to Jesus and wildly in love with His presence. We want to see the world changed by His love and are committed to bringing His good news to the ends of the earth! We consider it a great honor to take the gospel to those that have yet to know of His great love!

kona, hawaii

santa cruz hope

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Danny is the pastor of Hope Church in Santa Cruz, CA. He and his wife Jenny started the church five years ago out of their living room. It is now a thriving community where every week lives are being transformed and people are opening their lives to Jesus. The heartbeat of the church is to help people find and follow Jesus in a “no perfect people, come as you are” atmosphere. Trusting God, taking risks, and dropping in to the “deep end” have been themes since the beginning. Life is never boring when you say “yes” to God! Danny loves life, his family, surfing, skateboarding, fishing, riding bikes with his family, and a good burrito. He has two children, Ruby Sunshine (10) and Kalé (2).

Danny & Jenny were also youth pastors at the Rock (EBF at the time) for 6 years prior to planning Santa Cruz Hope.

danny & jenny bennett     |     Santa cruz, ca

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reaching our world

foursquare missions

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Taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World

The missions arm of our denonmination, Foursquare Missions International deploys and supports trained U.S. missionaries to share the gospel, develop ministry leaders and cultivate healthy church movements worldwide.

Foursquare has over 88,000 ministers in 68,000 churches and meeting places serving more than 7 million members around the world. In addition, we have more than 100 missionaries serving local people, not to mention thousands of people joining them on short-term missions trips each year. 

homes of hope

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A group from The Rock recently returned from building a new home for those in need in Mexico.  We plan to make another trip in the fall.  Email us for more information or to join the next team.

Tim & Dhana wimberly

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Missionaries currently serving as the hands and feet of Jesus in the nation of Cambodia.

holy land missions

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Holy Land Missions was founded in 1979 by the Khoury family. Their inspiration for starting the organization can be traced back to the time they spent growing up in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, among the suffering Arab Christian communities, during times of poverty and war.

Today, Holy Land Missions supports the largest evangelical Arab ministries as they follow their calling to serve others in the Holy Land. They work through churches, government agencies and other organizations to provide help and hope to those who are impoverished and hurting. Holy Land Missions is equipping those standing on the front lines, who represent Christ's love and forgiveness to a hurting nation.

Holy Land Missions is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to connect the worldwide church to the suffering Arab Christian Communities and others by providing feeding initiatives, community outreaches and evangelical programs inside the Holy Land. 

heart for iran

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Heart4Iran is a partnership with more than over 40 active partners working together to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the people of Iran.  Together they assist new believers and growing churches, address current issues, and develop leaders who cultivate the spiritual growth of the Church among Persian speakers.

They are dedicated to bringing inspiration, news, and the hope of the Christian movement in Iran to people in the Western church with the purpose of bringing financial resources and new ministry partnerships to the region.

christians for israel

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Their mission is to bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations concerning God's purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.

middle east gospel outreach

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Middle East Gospel Outreach (MEGO) is an International Christian outreach to the countries the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. Founded by Dr. Malki in 1976, MEGO sponsors Pastors' Leadership conferences and crusades.

It produces the GOOD NEWS PROGRAM (broadcast via satellite daily to 180 countries, and on prime time every Friday evening in the Middle East in the Arabic tongue); distributes food and medical supplies through COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL (also founded by Dr. Malki) to the needy areas of the Middle East.
Middle East Gospel Outreach (MEGO) also trains young men and women in the Word fo God at the MEGO CHRISTIAN CENTER in the Island of Cyprus. These students return to thei own countries and continue to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, winning others to the Gospel.