vbs 2020

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We had such an amazing VBS this year with you. Click the video below to view a recap of it all and keep checking back here for more information about VBS 2020!

click below to watch the recap video for our 2019 VBS

parent faq

What is the VBS theme?
For the year of 2019, the VBS theme is “God’s Story”. We will learn how the Bible is one big story of God’s love for his people. We will teach the kids how from the beginning of time, God has desired to be close to us and to be our friend. This will be a great experience for the entire family. We can’t wait!

What should I expect on Monday morning?
Registration opens at 8:30am. It’s a good idea to arrive no later than 8:40 as it takes time to register, get your children changed in their shirts and find their spot in the sanctuary. 
What does a typical day consist of for my child?
Each day your child and their class will start off in our main sanctuary for a time of worship and an introduction of the theme of the day. Afterwards, each class will go through a rotation of different stations: Crafts, Games, Small Groups, and Snacks. Each area will incorporate the lesson of the day in a new creative way. All classes will then gather back together in the sanctuary for a closing lesson and time of worship.

What should I know for drop off?
Tuesday through Friday, our start time is 9am. We have an easy to use drop off lane that opens at 8:45am and closes at 9:05 Tuesday through Friday; no need to park. Our drop off crew will be there to greet you and your child and escort them to their class square in the sanctuary. 
What if I am coming late with a child?
The morning session starts promptly at 9am and 9:10am we move onto the lesson. Once the lesson begins, you will not be able to walk your child down to their class square. You will need to wait with your child in the back of the sanctuary where they can still hear and participate until the lesson is over. Once the lesson is complete and the kids are dismissed to begin their daily rotation, you can walk your child down to their class.
 When and how should I pick my kids up?
Unless you registered for the Lunch Room, our VBS day ends at 12:30pm. The sanctuary doors will remain closed until that time. When you pick your child up in the sanctuary at their class square, you MUST connect with your child’s teacher. Preschool parents must sign their child out. For our lunch room kids, pick up is at 1:30pm. You will pick them up from our youth auditorium, which is on the left hand side as you come onto our campus.  

What do I do if I want to pick up a child earlier than 12:30?
Let us know the day before. We will have 2 times in the day where early pick up will be available: 10:30 and 11:30. To schedule an early pick up, please call our VBS line at 925-736-5100 or email us at vbs@therockca.com.
How do take care of kids with allergies?
We are a nut-free campus that week which means no food with peanuts, tree nuts or even food made on a facility with nuts will be allowed on campus. We have a medic on campus for the whole week. If your child has allergies and you are sending in an Epi-pen or other medication, please bring it to our medic area next to the information booth on Monday morning after registration. Please put it in a labeled Ziploc bag.  
How are volunteers picked for VBS?
All of our volunteers at VBS are background checked. If you come on campus during VBS, please go directly to our information booth. For security reasons, no adult that has not been through our VBS process can be on the campus without a security escort.

Can I still sign my child up for The Lunch Room?
Yes but limited spots are available.

What do my kids wear to VBS?
Please have your child wear their VBS shirt every day with comfortable, close-toed running shoes.Your child will spend some time outdoors so it’s best to put on sunscreen each morning.

Can someone other than the parent pick a child up?
Yes. To do so you will need to complete an alternate pick-up form that you can grab from our info booth. You will need to give this to your child’s teacher on Monday morning.

What food is given to the students?
Please be sure to feed your children breakfast before coming to VBS. We provide a "snack" during the day but that can occur any time between 9:30am and 11:45am. It's best if they arrive with a full stomach.

What is VBS Celebration?
On Sunday, June 9th we have a fun-filled day including food trucks, the VBS kids singing for our church, bounce houses and more! On that Sunday, each VBS participant will receive a $5 voucher to use at one of the food trucks.  


What is the VBS theme?
For the year of 2019, the VBS theme is “God’s Story”. We will learn how the Bible is one big story God’s love for his people. We will teach the kids how from the beginning of time, God has desired to be close to us and to be our friend. This will be a great experience for the entire family. We can’t wait!

What do I do if someone gets hurt? 
If the person can walk, please bring them to the information booth immediately. We have a medic on site all week and he will take care of the injured person. If it is an emergency situation, please call the direct 911 line on the back of all teacher clipboards. If you call 911, be sure to notify the leader team as well.

Can I bring my own snacks to VBS? 
No outside food comes on campus as we are a nut free zone during VBS. We provide a hearty snack for all of our volunteers every morning before prayer between 8am and 8:25am and then again starting at 9:30am in the cafe until noon. 

What do I do if I get sick and can’t make my VBS commitment?  
Please email us at vbs@therockca.com

What are some pointers I should know as a first time volunteer?
-Be praying for the kids and other volunteers. 
-Show up on time (or early) each day! It really helps! 
-Please take some time to read it your class leader guide completely. We are here to support!

How will I know when and where to rotate?
You are responsible to guide your class through a set rotation of activities. We start each day in the sanctuary for our opening session and then each class has a specific rotation that you will be given; crafts, snacks, recreation or small group at 25-minute intervals. You will follow the same rotation throughout the week.

How will I know how to lead a session?
Each station will have a leader there to explain the activity. The small group rotation is the one time where you are facilitating the session. You will be given a step-by-step guide of what to do. If you are working at a station, make sure to get to your station on time to get direction from your station lead. 

If you have any questions, concerns or need some help, please do not hesitate to come to the information booth.  

Important dates
June 2nd - Set Up - 12:30pm - 5pm (hopefully!)
June 2nd - Mandatory VIP Training - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
June 3rd - First day of VBS - Arrival time - 8am
June 9th - Celebration Sunday - following both services. We will be having a delicious BBQ.