Looking to grow deeper in your walk?  Looking to strengthen your identity in Christ?

Then Growing Healthy Lives, a discipleship program at The Rock may be what you are looking for.

Check out the video below to find out more about Discipleship Level 1

Level 1: STrengthening (22 days)

PURSUING God is the training ground for Level 1 in becoming what God has called you to be! In doing so, you will be assigned your own personal Discipleship Coach to encourage you, pray for you, and motivate you as you get into Spiritual Shape! Level 1 starts off with a 1-Day Seminar, followed by three weeks of training.

January 13 – february 4, 2024

Level 2:  healing  (6 weeks)

EQUIPPING people towards emotional and relational health to become whole is a big deal. Many churches skip this important component of discipleship and just outsource people to counseling. Even though counseling has its place, the church is called to be ministers of Jesus, and Jesus is the One who Heals the brokenhearted. Therefore, in this level you will learn how God designed your soul and how our own sin and the sinful actions of others has damaged our beliefs. We will coach you on how to deal with the past, set healthy boundaries, and experience God’s healing love so it can overflow to your family and loved ones.

february 11 – march 24, 2024

Level 3:  Activating  (6 weeks)

REACHING your World starts with Activating you in your purpose! You will learn how to exercise your authority, discover your God-dream, and influence your sphere of influence. We will train you on how to lead people (including your loved ones) to Christ, how to speak God’s promises into situation, how to minister to others, and release the Holy Spirit’s Power in impacting your own leadership as well as those around you!  

april 7 – may 19, 2024