Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

Pursuing God

This is where it all begins for us. The Bible is simple and very clear that our purpose is to love God and love people. We want to be a church that pleases our God. We will do that with the knowledge of the Bible that shows us the importance of His people making God not just an idea, but a priority. This passion to pursue God will be seen in everything that we do.

Our vision

Equipping People

Jesus came to give life to the fullest. Our heart as a church is to do everything we can to see that come to fruition. Once a person says "Yes" to Jesus, we believe it is our role to come alongside and support a new believer in their walk. We want to help people identify their gifts and purpose and make sure they can be released to do and achieve all they are built to do. There is a place for all new believers to serve, worship, and give at the highest level. In doing this, we will watch people receive their promise from God.

our vision

Reaching People

Every person on this planet is important to God, and therefore every person is important to us. We are called to reach people that don't know or haven't experienced the love of Christ. We will show the love of Christ through our actions, our truth and our perseverance. Our heart is for anybody who is a seeker - that they would come to our church and know that we are a church that cares.

our values

We Value The Word

We believe that the Bible is the authority of God.  We will always preach from it and be intentional to never stray from it.  The gift of all 66 books, written by over 40 authors, will be what we use to guide and govern our church.  We believe the Word, we love the Word, and we will always teach the Word.

Our values

We Value Relationship

The heartbeat of our church will be centered on loving God and loving people. Jesus said the two most important things in life are loving Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. The second is equally important - love your neighbor as yourself. We will give our time, energy and resources to see this come to fruition.

our values

We Value Growth

We want to see seekers become believers, believers become disciples, and disciples become teachers. Jesus' ministry was all about reaching the lost and restoring the found. We are a church that understands that we are called to grow and must help each other get to where God has called us to be.

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