freedom ministry

ISAIAH 61:1-4

Do you desire to know how the Bible defines sexual health and how it applies today?  
Do you desire healthy, intimate relationships with others?
Have you ever struggled with unwanted sexual behavior and the associated shame?
Have you ever struggled with the effects of betrayal trauma?  


We believe you are designed to live a life without sexual brokenness or betrayal trauma and the effects they can have on their future.
Sexual integrity & relational health, whether it's for you or someone you know  
Healing from sexual trauma, unwanted sexual behavior, and betrayal  

People with their sexual identity in Christ  
People to develop a plan and use tools to achieve healing & freedom

Those in need...70% of people in the Church struggle with unwanted sexual behavior/betrayal  
Purity = Freedom = Revival


We all desire sexual integrity, whether it’s for ourselves or for others. But we struggle with knowing where to start.

This 8-week video training is for men, women, students, pastors, lay leaders, parents, and more. Whether for yourself or to help someone else, this course is for anyone who wants to find freedom from the effects of unwanted sexual behaviors and betrayal.

This course will show how shame and grace affect the healing process, give understanding about addiction and betrayal trauma, and get you started on the path to sexual health.


Many men who struggle with unwanted sexual behavior try to go it alone. They believe the lie that sexual brokenness is about sex; when really, it’s about medicating the pain in their lives. Despite their losses—marriage, ministry, relationships, and more—they continue to return to unwanted sexual behaviors.

But the truth is, we cannot fix a problem if we don’t know what’s causing it. Through the Seven Pillars of Freedom you’ll start to understand your whole story and identify what contributes to your sexual behaviors.

You will begin your recovery from unwanted sexual behavior with a trusted group of men on the same journey. Through Seven Pillar’s guided lessons and a trusted community, you will develop the tools necessary to break free, heal your relationship, and take back your life.


The pain and trauma created through sexual betrayal is devastating. The life you thought you had is gone. And now, you are consumed with thoughts and feelings you’ve never experienced before—thoughts and feelings you can’t even describe.

With a fresh perspective on trauma treatment, Betrayal & Beyond takes a partner sensitive approach to healing from the effects of sexual betrayal.


Many women who struggle with love, sex, porn, and relationship addictions are unable to sustain healthy relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends. We desperately want to feel loved and accepted, but are continually disappointed by relationships.

The pain and shame of our unwanted sexual behaviors leads us to a place we never intended.

But there is hope! Through the use of weekly exercises, strategic tools, and a self-care focus, learn how to live in health—how to unravel the messiness of relationships. Discover how lifelong healing comes from a greater understanding of who God is and who He created us to be in Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, and Relationships.


Mike and Janine have been married since 2010 and have three beautiful daughters. They have been members of The Rock Church since 2011 and have experienced radical transformation both individually and in their marriage. Praise God!

Mike & Janine have navigated adversity, experienced God’s freedom and redemptive power, and are passionate about where God has called them — to help others experience the same breakthrough, freedom, and restoration. Mike & Janine have experience with several ministries and programs including:

● Pure Desire: Certified Leaders
● Pure Desire Programs: Conquer Series, Seven Pillars of Freedom, Betrayal & Beyond, Unraveled
● Nothing Hidden Ministries: Love After Marriage (Bethel)
● Sue Boldt: Steps to Breakthrough
● The Rock Church Discipleship: Growing Healthy Lives (I, II, III)